Welcome. You are not alone!

We are Vermonters who have lost loved ones to suicide. Our goal is to provide comfort to each other through monthly support group meetings. It can be powerful to connect with other survivors, and a huge relief to be able to talk openly about suicide with people who really understand.

For so many survivors, a crucial part of their healing process is the support and sense of connection they feel through sharing their grief with other survivors. The most common way this sharing occurs is through survivor support groups. These groups provide a safe place where survivors can share their experiences and support each other.

Some survivors attend a support group almost immediately, some wait for years; others attend for a year or two and then go only occasionally — on anniversaries, holidays, or particularly difficult days. You may find that it takes a few meetings before you begin to feel comfortable. Or, you may find that the group setting isn’t quite right for you, but can still be a useful way to meet one or two fellow survivors who become new, lifelong friends based on the common bond of understanding the pain and tragedy of suicide loss.

The Vermont chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention support group: the Burlington support group is facilitated by a professional who is also a peer, and there is no charge to attend a group. (But donations to AFSP-VT are gratefully accepted!) If you have lost a loved one to suicide, please join us at our one of our monthly support meetings. Details are in the sidebar on the left. For more information, please call Linda Livendale at (802) 479-9450.


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  • National Alliance on Mental Illness – great resource for learning more information about mental illness.